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What does the word resilient mean? Are you resilient?

I think that the word resilient means that someone can face difficult situations or something unpleasant, and keep going despite it. I haven’t had to face too many tough situations, and I think that I am lucky therefore, but whenever I’ve struggled or had something difficult happen, I’ve always managed to keep pushing and see the good. In particular, when I’ve broken bones and not been able to play sports, I’ve found ways to support my teammates and keep myself focused, and then worked harder at training after to make sure that I didn’t fall behind.

How would you deal with seeing someone getting bullied at school?

I would wish to avoid conflict, but also feel the need to stop the bullying. I would therefore intervene, and ask the bully to stop, and explain that their actions were not fair. I would tell them that there is no place for behaviour like that here. I would explain that it’s upsetting. If they became angry, then I would try to calm them down, and try again to explain the situation to them. I would also speak to the teachers at a suitable time and get help from them.

Can you quickly explain the rules of your favourite sport?

Yes – my favourite sport is rugby. The rules are that each team has 15 players on the pitch. There are backs and forwards. The forwards – there are eight forwards – drive the game by rucking and mauling – which involve heavy physical contact to either get the ball or a teammate with it forward – and also take part in scrums, which are competitions to get the ball. The forwards are generally bigger than the backs, so can also break through enemy lines easily. I play wing, which is one of the backs. The backs are faster, and play out in the open – they pass the ball and try to use pace and skill to get around the other side.

What do you like about our school in particular?

I like the range of different focuses – the school is noted for being excellent at sports, music, and of course achieving very high grades. I enjoy all of music, sports and studying, so I want a school that allows one to excel in each area. From my brother, I’ve learnt a lot about the school and its culture – I know that the teachers spend a lot of time helping pupils, that pupils and teachers treat one another with respect, and that the school is progressive and forward thinking. In particular, I know that the football and rugby teams are excellent, and that they play on new pitches, with a new pavilion as well. I’m very excited to have the chance to play there!

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Is it wrong to keep animals in zoos?

This is a difficult question – I think it depends on the zoo, and the reason for keeping them. If the zoo is large and well-kept, the animals have plenty of space, and the purpose for keeping them there is to ensure that they are healthy and that their species is prevented from becoming extinct, then I don’t believe it is wrong. On the other hand, if the animals are just kept for people’s entertainment, or the zoo isn’t large enough or well-maintained enough, then it becomes cruel.

Which school subject do you think is most important?

I believe that no one subject is the most important. We need to be balanced and well-rounded, and this means that we should place equal importance on each of our subjects. Equally, different students will have different focuses, and therefore require different ranges of subjects or grades – for example, someone looking to become an engineer would need excellent grades in Maths and Science, whereas someone looking to become a journalist would likely focus on English and History. However, both students should try their best at each subject, before they are able to choose specific ones.

Describe a situation where you showed creativity.

I showed creativity when I won my school’s short story competition. I wrote a short story about an urban fox, exploring how it felt about living in the city. I tried to make it half comedy, half serious and dramatic. I read up on the idea of pastiches and irony, and made the urban fox a character that everyone in the city would recognise – a bit of a hipster, yet dreaming of the countryside. My teachers said it was far and away the best entry, which made me very proud and eager to write more.

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What makes someone a good member of their community?

Someone is a good member of their community if they are respectful to others, kind to everyone, and if they put effort into helping their community or those who are less fortunate. The extent to which someone might do this could vary, but for example someone could organise a charity event and invite their neighbours – this would make them a good member of the community in most people’s eyes. They should be there to support those around them if called upon – if their neighbours or those in the community are struggling, they should offer to help.

What would you do if someone told you a secret, but you thought the secret could lead to someone else being harmed?

I would of course speak to a teacher or one of my parents if a situation like this arose. Whilst confidentiality is important, I would make sure to prioritise other people’s safety and happiness over something being secret. I believe that it is important to help others and to look out for friends and colleagues whenever possible.

What is the difference between an area and a volume?

An area is one side of a shape – it’s two dimensional. For example, we might find the area of a square – which is multiplying one side by another side. This gives us an answer in centimetres squared. However, the volume is in three dimensions. We therefore take the area and multiply it by the depth of the square, to give an answer in centimetres cubed. For example, a 2 cm by 2cm rectangle would have an area of 4cm2. If it was a cube, with a depth of 2cm, then it would have a volume of 8cm3.

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