11+ Interview Questions & Answers: Soft Skills

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11+ Interview Questions and Answers: Soft Skills

Are you good at being part of a team?

Yes, I believe I am. I really like working with other people, whether it’s playing sports or doing school work and projects. I think that working with other people allows you to unlock your potential, and it means that you can all support each other. I was made co-captain of the A team for football this year, which means that I have been part of the team, playing well with others, for almost four years. When I have to do a presentation or project with other pupils in my year, I make sure that I do my fair share of the work, and that we all understand what we need to do to make it a success. 

Can you describe a time when you were brave?

I’d always been quite afraid of heights up until prep school, and during Prep 1 as well. I thought that it would be good to try to find a way to beat my fear, so I started climbing. It’s not one specific time, but rather lots of times where I felt scared, and therefore had to be brave to deal with that feeling. I think that being brave means being scared, and then beating your fear – if you aren’t scared then you can’t be brave.

What does the word resilient mean? Are you resilient?

I think that the word resilient means that someone can face difficult situations or something unpleasant, and keep going despite it. I haven’t had to face too many tough situations, and I think that I am lucky therefore, but whenever I’ve struggled or had something difficult happen, I’ve always managed to keep pushing and see the good. In particular, when I’ve broken bones and not been able to play sports, I’ve found ways to support my teammates and keep myself focused, and then worked harder at training after to make sure that I didn’t fall behind.

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11+ Interview Questions and Answers: Personal Experiences

Describe a situation where you showed good team working skills.

One of my friends, Oliver, was struggling with his studies last year. His parents were having problems and had started to go through a divorce, and he was very upset and finding it hard to concentrate. I’m obviously too young to help with the family problems, but I knew that being there for Oliver was important. I made sure to cheer him up whenever I could, and helped him with homework as well. I also accompanied him to speak to the teachers when he was worried or afraid, so that he felt better.

Describe a situation where you showed empathy.

I showed empathy when my friend Oliver struggled, after his parents went through a divorce. Empathy is understanding how someone must feel, and then we can use this to help them. I know I can’t truly understand how Oliver must have been feeling, but I did my best to think about how sad he must be, and then made sure to listen to him and help him as much as I could. 

Describe a situation where you showed creativity.

I showed creativity when I won my school’s short story competition. I wrote a short story about an urban fox, exploring how it felt about living in the city. I tried to make it half comedy, half serious and dramatic. I read up on the idea of pastiches and irony, and made the urban fox a character that everyone in the city would recognise – a bit of a hipster, yet dreaming of the countryside. My teachers said it was far and away the best entry, which made me very proud and eager to write more.

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11+ Interview Questions and Answers: Personal Experiences Continued

Describe a situation when you lacked motivation.

Last year, when my school switched to remote learning due to the pandemic, I found it challenging to stay motivated and engaged in my studies. I missed the routine and structure of going to school, interacting with my teachers and classmates, and participating in extracurricular activities

As a result, I found it difficult to concentrate on my assignments, and I was easily distracted by things happening around me. I would procrastinate and leave my work until the last minute, which caused me to feel stressed and overwhelmed

To overcome this lack of motivation, I started to create a daily routine that included dedicated study time and breaks in between. I also set small achievable goals for myself each day, such as completing a specific task or reading a chapter of a book. This helped me to stay focused and motivated, and I was able to see progress and feel a sense of accomplishment each day.

Can you think of a situation when you had to be very honest?

Yes, I can think of a situation when I had to be very honest. One time, I accidentally broke a vase in my friend’s house while we were playing. At first, I was tempted to hide the broken vase and pretend that it didn’t happen, but I knew that it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Instead, I mustered up the courage to tell my friend the truth and take responsibility for my mistake. I apologised to my friend and offered to help her clean up the broken pieces and find a replacement vase. By being honest, I was able to show my friend that I respected her and her family’s property, and that I was willing to make amends for my mistake. Additionally, I learned that being honest can be difficult, but it is always the right thing to do.

Describe a situation where you had to go beyond your comfort zone.

I remember a time when I had to participate in a public speaking competition in front of a huge audience. I have always been slightly reserved, so the thought of standing up in front of so many people made me extremely nervous. But I also knew that it was a great opportunity to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone.To prepare for the competition, I practised my speech over and over again in front of my family and friends. I also did a lot of research to make sure that I had all the facts right. On the day of the competition, I was still feeling nervous, but I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself that I had prepared as much as I possibly could. When it was my turn to speak, I walked up to the podium and took a deep breath. As I began to speak, I felt my nerves start to fade away, and I became more and more confident as I went on. In the end, I was able to deliver my speech with clarity and confidence, and I even ended up winning first place in the competition.

Can you think of a situation when you helped a friend who was struggling?

Last year, my friend was having trouble with her maths homework, and she was feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed. She had tried to understand the concepts, but she just couldn’t figure it out. I noticed that my friend was struggling, so I offered to help her with her homework. I asked her to show me what she had done so far and where she was having difficulty. I then explained the concepts to her in a way that she could understand and helped her to solve the problems step by step. By helping my friend, I was able to not only assist her in completing her homework but also give her the confidence to tackle similar problems in the future. Additionally, I showed my friend that she could count on me when she needed help, and that I was always there for her.

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